Benefits of a Yoga Retreat and Why it’s Vital for Your Health

August 16th, 2017 by admin

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Benefits of Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular through the past few years. They are a far cry from the original “West meets East” stories like the Beatles going to an ashram in India. Those holidays are still available to you and many people flock to India to take in this holy land. However, there are a variety of yoga retreats now. There are ultra-exclusive ones, specialized for health problems, and other will educate you how to teach yoga.
Whatever you want is available now. So why are yoga retreats such a big deal anyway? What are people gaining when they retreat to the values of yoga for any given number of days? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a yoga retreat.

Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day

A yoga retreat allows you to not only rest yourself from the fast-paced world. You also practice yoga every single day, in great length. The benefits of yoga positively affect your mind, body, and soul. Practicing over a period of a few days or a few weeks will allow you to tap into your center. This is going to influence how you view the deeper parts of life. Your body will become much stronger also, which comes with many benefits. You also increase your balance which help you to be a better athlete with other sports. Lastly, your mind is affected by yoga in positive ways. You’ll begin to feel the benefits of daily yoga on your mood and energy level within a few days.

Avoiding Injury with Yoga Mastery

When you go to a yoga retreat, you’ll be given greater instruction on how to do poses properly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, there is always going to be something to learn. It’s a lot like life, a life-time journey of discovery. The yoga instructors will get to know you through the days they are with you and help your alignment and postures through poses. They may teach you a bit about functional anatomy, giving you a greater idea of how the poses are benefitting the body from the inside/out.

Overcoming Physical Challenges

As you’ll be doing yoga for a few hours a day, you’ll begin to overcome physical challenges. You’ll go over and above what you thought was ever possible for you. It’s easy to do yoga when the company you keep is passionate about it. Submersing yourself in a yoga retreat will make it simple to attend and challenge yourself in yoga sessions that are available. This is where the magic happens. As you begin to get more focused on your capabilities, you will overcome obstacles you put up long ago. You can adopt this knowledge and take it back into the real world with you.

Yoga Retreats Feed You Really Good Food

The ancient practice of yoga has a diet attached to it known as Ayurvedic. It’s a bit of a science but basically yogic food is kissed by the sun and lives in the earth. It’s local food and it’s healthy, often raw. If you go to a yoga retreat in the tropics, you’ll be delighted by the cornucopia of delightful fruits and vegetables. They will often make soups or stir fries that contain veggies and herbs that are local to the area. As you eat in this healthy way, you’ll begin to realize how great you feel. You’ll have way more energy even though you’re eating less. Even in a short time, you may notice a change in your body too. Your skin will look healthier and your muscles will appear more toned. As you care for your body through yoga daily, you also saturate your insides with nutrients.

Stepping Out of the Every-Day Hassle to Become Centered

Stepping out of your routine can bring big changes into your life. Maybe you’re not looking for change. Maybe you’re just looking to relax. Rest assured, a yoga retreat will give you that time to just be with yourself and relax. Having time to yourself to nurture your body will help you to recharge and get your energy back. When you take care of yourself, you can go back to the real world and take care of people you love with unlimited energy. This is one of the biggest points in people’s testimonials about their yoga retreat experiences.

A Little One-on-One Time With Your Mind

A retreat is a wonderful way to spend time with yourself. There is always work to be done on yourself. You may not think this is true but once you start to spend time in quiet contemplation (because you have the time and the resources), you’ll begin to get a sense of how you can improve your life. In yoga retreats, it’s natural to have the courage to confront, accept and be rid of negatively. You can sit with even your scariest thoughts and work through them. There’s a lot of things we tend to repress because we don’t have the time to “feel” it or we choose not to feel it because it’s scary.

By opening up the spiritual pathways that yoga does, you become more able to get those negative memories out of you for good. This may seem scary but it’s the pathway to healing and having true peace of mind every day of your life. Yoga is a spiritual practice, even if that’s not why you practice it. You may get a hint of it from time to time when doing it. Let it help you. It’s far more effective than therapy if you allow it to be.

A yoga retreat will allow you to meet many like-minded people. Instead of coming back from a busy vacation with lots of tourists in one spot, a yoga retreat will leave you feeling full of energy. You may have a deeper understanding of yourself and a greater strength in your yoga practice. You’ll be eating healthy so you might even find your work suits fit better. It is truly relaxing and energizing. You are totally taken care of no matter where you go. Even challenging countries to travel in like India are accessible to you because you get picked up right from the airport and taken to the ashram or retreat grounds. Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to get a lot out of your time off from life. Once you try it, chances are, you’ll have a hard time going on any other kind of holiday.

Meera Watts is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and mom. Her writing on yoga and holistic health has appeared in Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, OMtimes and others. She’s also the founder and owner of Siddhi Yoga International, a yoga teacher training school based in Singapore. Siddhi Yoga runs intensive, residential trainings in India (Rishikesh, Goa and Dharamshala), Indonesia (Bali)






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