You’ve booked your transportation, you’ve arranged a place to stay, you’ve packed your stuff, and you’ve finally arrived at your destination. Now what…?

No matter where in the world you’ve ended up, here are ten things you MUST do every time you travel:

1. Take the Road Less Traveled

Sure, there are a lot of great touristy places you could – and should! – go on your trip. But there are also plenty of adventures to be had by venturing off the beaten path.

Find a neighborhood and explore it on foot. Or take the dirt road instead of the paved one.

Just make sure you tell someone where you’re going ahead of time, for safety’s sake. There’s a good chance you’ll get lost (in the most fun way imaginable).

2. Talk to a Local

People are people wherever you go. Just like back home, some strangers will rebuff your friendliness; but others will open up and have great stories to tell.

Talk to the locals as much as you can. You’re in their home now, and they’ll likely have interesting things to say about it – stuff that you wouldn’t get in your guidebooks.

One of our FabFitTravel team members loves to hear ghost stories from the locals when she travels. That might be a bit morbid for some, but she says it’s one of the most fun ways to learn truly unique customs (like painting your porch ceiling blue to ward off evil spirits) and gives her great stories to tell once she gets back home. (more…)

Are you a “gadget” girl? We are! Whenever a new gadget is announced in the news or in a tech blog, we take notice. We just can’t help ourselves – we love ourselves some nifty tech!

There have been a lot of standout gadgets this year, but here are ten of our favorites, in no particular order: (more…)

10 travel destinations

There are so many places in the world that are worth visiting that it was hard to narrow it down to just ten of our favorite travel destinations. We’ll probably have to create a second – or third or fifteenth – list of go-to travel destinations at some point here on the blog!

Until then, without further ado, here are our current favorite destinations: (more…)

build muscle to lose fat

There’s been a rumor going around for a few years that women love to buy into. Cardio is what makes you sexy, and weightlifting makes you bulky.


Cardio is fantastic for keeping you healthy, but lifting weights increases your sexiness exponentially. Not only will you not look “bulky,” you’ll actually lose unwanted (fat) weight.

According to Gino Caccavale, Founder of Muscle in Motion:

“While cardio burns more calories than resistance training during your workout, lifting weights torches more fat overall. In a study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, women who completed an hour-long strength-training workout burned an average of 100 more calories in the 24 hours afterward than those who skipped the weights. The more muscle owned, the more fat burned.”

Let’s take a look at that last statement for a moment…

“The more muscle owned, the more fat burned.” SO true! (more…)

Here at FabFitTravel, we believe nothing should get in the way of having your next big adventure! We encourage women of all ages and fitness levels to exercise, eat well, and live life to the fullest.

However, we also realize that sometimes that’s easier said than done.

For those of us who are obese – or even just slightly “overweight” – starting an exercise program can seem like a near-impossible task! Typical fitness regimens just don’t jive with our body types…

For instance, if you’re overweight, jogging can do more harm than good. It can really mess up your joints! And that’s just no good.

So what do you do if you want to get fit…?

Below are five great exercises to start you on your path to fitness, no matter what your weight is now. (more…)