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Yoga Travel | Making Yoga Part of Your Vacation | FabFitTravel

How to Make Yoga an Integral Part of Healthy Vacation Is it possible to practice healthy yoga while traveling? Yes, you can. Of course, it’s not easy to find the right space to do your asana, but if you are ready and willing to accomplish your targets, then you can achieve anything. If people are […]

FabFitTravel |Benefits of Yoga Retreat

Benefits of Yoga Retreats Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular through the past few years. They are a far cry from the original “West meets East” stories like the Beatles going to an ashram in India. Those holidays are still available to you and many people flock to India to take in this holy land. […]

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How to Travel with your Bike Before you get to know how you can travel with your bike, you need to be aware of some things. The number one thing is that traveling with your bike is not easy. It can give you a headache. So you need to be prepared for that before you […]

Well, simply put, responsible travel (also known as responsible tourism) is using common sense and not annoying the people who reside in the destination you’ve chosen and not mucking up their environment.

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What’s that you say? You want some tips on how you can be a more responsible traveler?

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We’ve been blogging here for a while now. You basically “get” who we are at this point.We’re all about fitness, nutrition, having adventures, and making women’s lives the best they can possibly be.

We create amazing destination vacations (that include a fitness slant!) for women of all ages.

But did you know that about 70% of our clientele – and our readers! – is made up of recently divorced women?

It’s true! And there’s a good reason for that (which we’ll get into in a moment). But first, let us just say, that if you’ve recently been through a divorce: you are not alone.

We’ve met hundreds of new divorcees and have helped them ease their transition into the new half of their lives. Some have been excited, some overwhelmed, some aching with sadness… But they’ve all left us feeling happier, healthier, and more confident. Some have even made Fab Fit Travel their yearly “treat” to themselves, to recharge and reenergize. And we love seeing their smiling faces and hearing about all the progress they’ve made. (more…)