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FabFitTravel | Fitness Tracker

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for Your Needs There has been a huge demand for wearable fitness trackers in recent years. Statistics show that the wearable fitness device industry exceeded $2 billion dollars in 2015. This is expected to climb to well over $4 billion by the end of 2017. Because of the […]


I can’t believe it! I’m actually making weight loss progress, Fab Fit Family! Drumroll, please. I am officially… under 300lbs! YES!! Okay, being 290lbs as someone who’s only 5’3″ tall doesn’t seem like something to celebrate. However, you have NO idea how good it felt to step on that scale and see the numbers in the […]

Pamper Essentials | FabFitTravel

There’s nothing quite like a little at-home retreat to make you feel like an entirely new woman.  A little love on yourself can go a long way, especially when you take the time to enjoy your own company.  There are a few essential items I recommend to prepare you for the perfect pamper session. One […]

Importance of Strong Female Relationships | FabFitTravel

Women are f*cking incredible.  When women come together and support each other, they create an unstoppable force.  Strong female relationships become a catalyst for crafting a better version of each other. This ultimately creates a better society for all! Do you remember when a friend held your hair back for you when you were praying to the […]

Mothers Day | Mom Daughter | FabFitTravel

I Get It From My Mama When it comes to the “mom lottery,” my sister and I totally hit jackpot.  There’s no telling where we’d be without our moms.  Moms have cleaned our scraped knees, shuttled us around town to after-school events, mended our broken hearts, and always had a warm supper made by dinner […]