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FabFitTravel |Benefits of Yoga Retreat

Benefits of Yoga Retreats Yoga retreats have become increasingly popular through the past few years. They are a far cry from the original “West meets East” stories like the Beatles going to an ashram in India. Those holidays are still available to you and many people flock to India to take in this holy land. […]

Bike travel | How to travel with your bike | FabFitTravel

How to Travel with your Bike Before you get to know how you can travel with your bike, you need to be aware of some things. The number one thing is that traveling with your bike is not easy. It can give you a headache. So you need to be prepared for that before you […]

Yoga Retreat | FabFitTravel

From Anusara to Vinyasa, there are no end of yoga styles to choose from, and that’s just one reason why we love it here at FabFitTravel. For us, “International Yoga Day” is every day. We make it a part of our daily fitness practice no matter where we are in the world. Going on a […]

Signs You Need a Retreat | FabFitTravel

Retreat Yo Self It is estimated that 75 percent -90 percent of all doctor’s visits are related to stress.  Um… That’s exorbitant. It also provides strong correlation between stress and illness.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is spend time on yourself!  Here are some signs you need a retreat sooner rather […]

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Fashion Meets Function Whether your travel plans include a long-haul flight or a girls’ weekend getaway, traveling comfy (and cute) is a must when you’re in vacation mode.  There’s enough stress that goes into vacationing anyway, who needs the added pressure of constantly looking Instagram-worthy? Welcome to your new go-to guide that takes the effort […]