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Why Sleep is Even More Important Than You Think | FabFitTravel

Why sleep is more important than exercise or diet It is a common fact that if you lack sleeping, you will not be able to perform your tasks at work and at home. This affects your mood and the ability to focus on what awaits you during the day. It’s hard to make life decisions, […]

You Need Yoga | FabFitTravel

Yoga benefits everyone, no matter your age, race, gender, shape, size, or fitness level.  Yoga is an empowering, calming, strengthening, and healing practice that anyone can do. Skeptical? Check out just a few of the reasons that yoga with its benefits is exactly what you are looking for:   Powerful Stress Relief When you practice […]

Pamper Essentials | FabFitTravel

There’s nothing quite like a little at-home retreat to make you feel like an entirely new woman.  A little love on yourself can go a long way, especially when you take the time to enjoy your own company.  There are a few essential items I recommend to prepare you for the perfect pamper session. One […]

Beginner's Guide to Chakras | FabFitTravel

Chakras are sources of energy aligned along the spine in the body. The word chakra is Sanskrit and literally translates to wheel or disk.  These energy points, or chakras, will spin in the form of a wheel and help connect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.  Each chakra can operate at various levels of […]

Importance of Strong Female Relationships | FabFitTravel

Women are f*cking incredible.  When women come together and support each other, they create an unstoppable force.  Strong female relationships become a catalyst for relentlessly crafting a better version of each other, ultimately creating a better society for all! Do you remember the last time a friend held your hair back for you when you were praying […]