10 More Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

October 14th, 2016 by admin

10 More Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

If you haven’t already read it, check out our guide for female solo travel. This is a continuation of that post because it was one of our most popular – and we love helping our FabFitTravel ladies get the most out of their vacations!

Here are 10 More Things Every Female Traveler Should Know:

1. How You Dress Matters

In some countries, it’s a must to dress modestly. However, every country, no matter where you go, has its own “look.” For instance, you won’t see a lot of hot pants in Paris.

Do some research before you go. How do people dress in your chosen destination? Nothing slaps a big “I’M A TOURIST – ROB ME!!” sign on your back like not blending in.

2. Choose the Right Purse

Speaking of potentially getting robbed, choosing the right purse is essential for female travelers.

In order to not fall prey to pickpockets, leave the bags that gape open behind. Backpacks also have their own set of problems (mainly, you can’t see behind you to keep an eye on them!). We’re not suggesting you get a fanny pack (eww), but you’d be wise to invest in a purse with a cross-body strap so that you can keep it close to your body at all times.

3. “Hey There, Sexy Lady!”

Catcalling is a pretty common occurrence for females traveling alone – especially when they’re as gorgeous as you are! But while catcalling is just an annoyance when you’re back home, it can be downright intimidating when you’re in a foreign land and unprepared for it.

Stay calm, act unfazed, and keep walking. Pretend like you didn’t hear it and keep being your gorgeous self!

4. Practice Saying “No”

Sometimes it will be an unwanted offer for a drink at the local pub. Sometimes it will be a questionable type asking you if you want your photo taken. No matter where you end up, there will be people you need to say “no” to. Start practicing now so that you get used to saying the word in a firm, but polite, manner.

5. Don’t Be Daunted by Dinner Alone

Most women dread uttering the words “table for one” when it comes to dinner. But it’s nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. Not only is it a great confidence-building experience, it’s also a great opportunity to people watch. Or chat up the cute waiter!

Or, if you really hate dining alone, use this time to make new friends in a new land. Ask them to join you for dinner, or arrange to meet up with them later.

Or, if neither of those options appeals to you, find a place where you can get takeout and eat your meals back at your hotel. It will be a good chance to go over that day’s photos, or call back home to check in!

6. Use Headphones Strategically

Although we encourage travelers to talk to locals, we also know there are times when you just want to be left alone. Carrying around a pair of headphones is great for this, especially for the times when you’re on a bus or train.

However, for safety’s sake, we recommend simply wearing the headphones without necessarily listening to anything. It will keep strangers from talking to you and keep your senses alert in case there’s something important you need to hear.

Or, if you absolutely must listen to music while you travel, we recommend keeping one earphone slightly off your ear so you can still hear the outside world. That might sound like a bit of a bummer, but female travelers – especially when they’re alone – need to be alert.

7. Daylight is Your Friend

While we do recommend taking in the nightlife at least once during your vacation, it’s far safer for women alone to primarily stick to having their adventures during the day. This is especially true if you intend to do a lot of souvenir shopping that particular day. You don’t want to be lugging home bags of valuables alone at night!

8. Use Apps

Get yourself a good currency converter app as well as a translator. (We recommended a great translating device on our list of favorite gadgets!). Technology is your friend and can make your traveling experience all the more enjoyable.

10. You Can Do This!!

We realize that some of the items on this list make traveling alone seem like a scary prospect. It’s not.

Travelling alone can be one of the most rewarding, life-changing, experiences you’ll ever have. And you can do it!

You’re an intelligent, powerful, beautiful woman and you deserve to have the time of your life. Go out there and explore!

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