A Quick Guide to Female Solo Travel

October 7th, 2016 by admin

In our last post, we shared ten things you should do every time you travel. Go check that out if you haven’t already!

However, what if you’re a female traveling alone…?

If that’s the case, we have 15 more tips, for a female solo traveler just for you!

1. Give a Friend Your Travel Itinerary

When you travel alone, especially when you’re a woman, you have to be more cautious. We don’t say that because we’re trying to bring you down – it’s just a fact of life. We’re actually all for women venturing out on their own! You just need to be smart about it.

Give a friend back home your travel itinerary. That way, if something does happen to you and you fail to check in, someone will know where you were last headed.

2. Check-in Back Home

Related to the above, be sure to check in with your friend(s) and/or family while you’re traveling alone. Set up a time each day or night as your “check-in” time so they know you’re all right. It’ll also be a great time to update them on the adventures you’ve been having while you’re away!

3. Get an International Phone Plan

Most cell phone companies are pretty good about including international minutes in their plans now, but not all of them. Even if it’s just for the month of your trip, spring for the “good” plan and get yourself some international phone time.

Or, if that’s too expensive, invest in some international phone cards. The point is: you don’t want to be somewhere new with no way to contact the ones you love back home.

4. Pack Light

Nothing quite says “rob me” like a woman walking alone while struggling with a ton of luggage. Make an effort to pack just what you need.

Bonus benefits of packing only what you need? You’ll have plenty of room in your luggage to bring home souvenirs!

5. Store Extra Cash in a Tampon Box

This is an old trick, but it’s a good one. You should never carry all of your cash on you at once. You never know what might happen. And storing your extra cash at the bottom of a tampon box is one of the last places anyone would think – or want – to look!

6. Get an External Phone Charger

Having your cell phone run out of juice while you’re out and about is truly a nightmare. Not only will you not be able to call someone if you need to, you also won’t be able to take pictures or update your social media accounts!

Get yourself an external phone charger to keep in your purse to charge your phone on the go. Or check out our list of our favorite gadgets for a purse that doubles as a phone charger (it’s pretty nifty!).

7. Wear an Engagement Ring

When you’re traveling alone, it can be a bit frightening to be approached by all the local available bachelors. By wearing a (fake) engagement ring, you can more easily ward off unwanted advances.

Amazon sells some fantastic cubic zirconia rings that look exactly like diamond engagement rings – and they’re cheap to buy!

8. Bring Condoms

Or maybe you do want a romantic interlude on your vacation! If that’s the case, then be sure to be prepared.

Depending on where you are, condoms aren’t always easy to get. Bring some from home!

9. Befriend Female Staff

Talk to the women who work at your hotel and the wait staff at restaurants you go to. Not only is having girlfriends always a great idea but, as locals, you can ask them where NOT to go on your trip. Local women know all the “sketchy” places in their town and can direct you away from any potentially dangerous situations.

10. Sit Close to Other Women on Buses

Sit in the front of buses and try to surround yourself with other women. Not only will you have interesting ladies to talk to while you’re traveling, it’s just plain safer.

11. Talk on the Phone While Walking Alone

Even when we try to stick with a tour group or get lost in a crowd, sometimes we find ourselves completely alone when we travel. It’s during these times that you should whip out your phone and make the ol’ fake phone call.

Or, you can make a real phone call and use this alone time as a chance to “check in.” (See #2!).

12. Keep Important/Expensive Items with You

Even though you packed lightly, chances are you brought along at least a few important (or expensive) items. Keep those items with you, and don’t let them out of your sight. Whether that’s your phone, your Kindle, or something else entirely, don’t risk losing your valuables while you’re on vacation.

13. Drink Moderately

Again, we’re not trying to spoil your good time. We promise. But it’s important to drink in moderation, especially when you’re traveling alone.

The last thing you want is to get completely trashed and end up getting robbed or kidnapped in a foreign land.

14. Look Confident

Nothing draws (negative) attention quite like a woman alone who looks worried/anxious. Even if you feel worried/anxious about being somewhere new, try your best to look confident. Walk with purpose! Pretend like you belong wherever you’ve ended up.

15. Check in on Social Media (with Pics!)

Make an effort to check in on at least one of your social media platforms at least once a day. Not only is this a fun way to share your trip with friends and family back home, it also has a lot of safety benefits. By checking in on social media (with a picture!), you’ll be setting up a trail of where you were and when. If anything happens to you, the people back home will have your back and know where to start looking!

Most of all: have fun! There’s nothing quite like going to a new place on your own. You’re going to be a new woman when you return home! Striking out on your own to have the adventure of a lifetime builds confidence – and confidence is hella sexy. Just wait until your friends and family back home see the new you! 🙂

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