Lauren’s Fitness Journey: July 2017 Update

July 24th, 2017 by admin


I can’t believe it! I’m actually making weight loss progress, Fab Fit Family!

Drumroll, please. I am officially… under 300lbs! YES!!

Okay, being 290lbs as someone who’s only 5’3″ tall doesn’t seem like something to celebrate. However, you have NO idea how good it felt to step on that scale and see the numbers in the 200-range. I’ve been 300lbs (and over, at one point!) for a while now. Making weight loss a goal and actually succeeding — even if it was just a small amount lost — felt tremendous.

I also lost one inch from my bustline and one inch from my waist. So hooray for better-fitting shirts!

And losing 10lbs in one month isn’t that hard. YOU could easily do it too. Weight loss comes easy, at least at first. Later on, you’ll have to work harder. The good news? As you get more fit, working “harder” won’t seem THAT hard. (I’m looking forward to getting to that stage!).

Make It a Routine

Make fitness and your weight loss goals a part of your weekly routine. I go to the gym with my workout partner (my roommate’s mom) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Even if you don’t stay at the gym — or the park, or wherever you choose to work out — for very long: Go.

Get up in the morning and put on your workout clothes first thing. Don’t bother doing your makeup. If you look TOO cute, you won’t want to go to the gym and mess up your look. So make a point to look “fitness ready” so you’re mentally prepared to get sweaty.

Even if you only spend half an hour working out, that’s WAY better than not working out at all — and it can do wonders! There were days here in Los Angeles where the temperatures were in the 100s and I just did NOT feel like working out, but I made an effort to put in a few minutes anyway. No regrets!

Do Whatever Weird Thing You Have to in Order to Stay Motivated

When my mom first started her weight loss journey, she put a picture of a fitness model on the door of my parents’ refrigerator. It looked odd to anyone who came over and saw it, but it kept her motivated. She wanted THAT body.

I took a slightly different approach.

As an avid doll collector (Barbies, Monster High, Shibajuku Girls, Novi Stars, etc.), I decided to buy, and then customize, a doll to look like my “ideal” self.

Yes, they make “curvy” Barbies that look similar to how I look NOW, but I wanted my avatar to represent how I’ll look when my weight loss journey is complete: healthy and fit!

It might seem weird for an adult woman to have a doll collection, but I’ve never let being “weird” stop me from feeling good about myself. And my Little Me makes me feel good. I come home from the gym and give her a high five, because I’m one step closer to us being physically fit “twins.” 😉

Also, as someone who suffers from Major Depression, I will sometimes go through fits of self-loathing (even though I’m medicated). And I’ve found that it’s REALLY hard to hate myself when I’m an adorable doll. Haha.

So do whatever “weird” thing you need to do to help you stay motivated! It really helps. From pictures on the fridge, to custom dolls, to dream boards… you do you, Girl!

Don’t Eat Cheat Meals Alone

I’m going to close off this Fitness Diary with a tip that’s really helped me.

Cheat meals are fine and dandy, and we’ve actually talked about their benefits on the Fab Fit Travel blog before. However, I’ve found that eating my weekly “cheat” meal with a friend keeps me from going overboard.

See that delicious pizza to the left? If I hadn’t been with a friend at the time, I would have downed that sucker all by myself.

If your eating habits are similar to mine (as in, you could easily scarf down a large pizza all on your own), then I highly recommend hanging out with a friend during your weekly “cheat” day. Not only will it give you an excuse to socialize, but it will help keep you from going out of control.

Make sure your buddy knows that this is your “cheat” meal, and that they’re aware of your weight loss goals. You might pout when your friend says “Are you SURE you want dessert? I think we should skip it…” but you’ll thank them later.

So that’s my progress for July! I can’t wait to see what changes I’ll see in August.

What about you? How’s YOUR fitness journey going? Let me know in the comments!

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