26 Easy Ways to Love Yourself

October 26th, 2016 by admin

Fact: You can’t truly love another until you learn how to love yourself.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 26 easy ways to love yourself!

1. Write on your mirror.

Whether you use lipstick or a dry-erase marker, write a positive message to yourself on your mirror. It could be as simple as “I <3 U” or as complex as “You’re a radiant goddess and everything you do is great!” Every time you glance in your mirror, take a look at the message you wrote and remember to love yourself.

2. Get enough sleep.

It’s hard to feel lovable when you’re running ragged. Get your full 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Or, if that’s impossible, take a nap during the afternoon to make up for the lost time.

3. Eat a good meal.

You know who’s hard to love sometimes? Someone who’s cranky because they haven’t eaten! Treat yourself to a good meal – it will give you a more positive outlook of yourself and the world in general.

4. Focus on the positive.

For every bad situation, there’s (at least) one good thing. Even if it’s the classic, “At least it’s not raining.”

Each time you start to feel negative, stop and ask yourself, “What’s the one good thing that’s happened today?” Even if it’s something small – like you drank clean, fresh water! – latch onto it and don’t let go.

The same can be done in regard to loving yourself. Every time you start to think negatively about yourself, switch the script and say something positive about yourself instead!

5. Change your language.

Related to the above, a lot of us are in the habit of using negative language when we talk about ourselves – and that affects our view of ourselves overall.

Instead of saying “I’m so fat” try saying “I’m curvy” or “I’m a little chubby, but I’m working on it: fat is temporary.” Or instead of saying “I’m stupid,” say “I’m not as smart as I’d like to be yet: I’m going to learn something new today!” Or, simply, say “I love myself just as I am.”

6. Go to therapy.

We are not saying you’re nuts. But sometimes professional help is needed. A lot of us here at FabFitTravel are in therapy and it’s the best decision we ever made. It’s helped us get rid of the baggage from our pasts and given us the ability to focus on how wonderful we are in the present.

7. Gussy yourself up.

When you look good, you feel good. Put on makeup, shave your legs, and wear your best dress. It doesn’t matter if you have nowhere to go. You’ll look and feel absolutely fabulous. (Don’t forget to take selfies!).

8. Meditate.

Take time out of your busy day to have a few moments of utter peace. You can even chant a mantra to yourself like, “Today I choose to love myself.”

Think meditation is boring? We wrote a post about that!

9. Get a massage.

There are few things more luxuriously self-indulgent than getting a massage. Hire someone to help you relax your muscles and melt away your stresses.

10. Take a bath.

Most of us have switched over to showers in our adult lives, and that’s a pity. There’s something about taking a bath that’s just so soothing. Whether you take one plain, with bubbles, with oils, or with salts; spend some time in the tub just enjoying yourself.

11. Light a candle.

The Wiccan among us classifies the act of lighting a candle as a “magical” act. Whether or not you believe in magic, lighting a candle can be a great mood lifter. Not only does it change up your environment by altering the lighting (and everyone looks better when they’re lit by candlelight!), you can choose candles that have aromatherapy benefits to enhance your “love” feelings by way of scent!

12. Visit a friend.

We all have at least one friend who loves us… Go visit them! It will be nearly impossible to still think you’re unlovable after spending a few hours with your bestie.

13. Write a letter.

You could write a nice long letter to your bestie (see #12), but you could also write one to yourself. Make it a love letter! Pour your heart and soul into wooing yourself with the written word and describe all of the things you love about yourself (“how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”).

14. Get intimate.

All right. It’s hard not to feel lovable when you’re (safely and consensually) being made love to. However, masturbation is a huge component of healthy self-love practices. Get to know your body!

15. Buy yourself a present.

“Treat yo’self!” Spend a little money, guilt-free, on something you’ve had your eye on. You deserve it!

16. Eat some chocolate.

Chocolate releases endorphins in your brain similar to the way exercise do. Basically: It makes you happy. Indulge!

17. Drink more water.

We all need to drink more water. This is your reminder! Loving yourself begins with loving your body and taking good care of it.

18. Get naked.

Speaking of your body… It’s time to get out of those clothes and strut your stuff! Even if you’re not completely satisfied with the shape you’re in, it’s a great confidence-building exercise to get unabashedly proudly naked every once in a while.

19. Exercise.

Not because you’re imperfect or need to lose weight: because it’s good for you!

20. Laugh.

Studies have shown that laughter:

  • Enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.
  • Activates and then cools down your stress response.
  • Soothes tension.
  • Improves your immune system.
  • Increases personal satisfaction.
  • Relieves pain.
  • Improves your mood.

21. Travel.

If you haven’t already read it, check out our post on the numerous health benefits of traveling!

22. Dance.

Put on your “jam” and dance like a mad woman! Dancing releases endorphins into your system and can make you feel physically happier. Bonus points to your mental well-being if you’re listening to music you love!

23. Watch a movie.

Take some time out to relax and watch a movie. And to get the effects of #20, make it a comedy!

24. Read a book.

A lot of people we talk to wish they had time to read more. So make time and read something already!

25. Tell someone else you love them.

We already said that it’s impossible to truly love someone unless you learn to love yourself… But we were exaggerating (just a little!) in order to get you motivated. The truth is, there’s probably someone in your life that you love: and it’s time to tell them.

By spreading love instead of negativity, you’ll make the world a better place to live in overall. And, in turn, that will make you feel better about yourself in the long run.

26. Accept that you can’t please everyone.

You’ll never be perfect. We’re sorry, but it’s true. The good news is: That’s okay! No one is perfect.

And there’s no way that you’re going to please everyone.

So do what makes you happy. Set out each day with love in your heart and be the best “you” that you can possibly be.

Love yourself.

The ones who love you back will be loving the real you.

Good luck out there!

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