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September 9th, 2017 by admin

Why Sleep is Even More Important Than You Think | FabFitTravel

Why sleep is more important than exercise or diet

It is a common fact that if you lack sleep, you will not be able to perform your tasks at work and at home. This affects your mood and the ability to focus on what awaits you during the day. It’s hard to make life decisions, if you are nervous and irritated because you did not sleep enough the night before or you did not sleep well for days.

There are not many people in the world who dislike sleeping. The main reason is that they consider sleeping as a waste of time. The truth is that sleeping is one of the most important things in our lives which maintains our overall health. Many people take it for granted, and they do not pay much attention to how great the effect of sleep is on our health and the whole organism. Sleeping is very important since it regulates and maintains hormones in our body. Hence, if we sleep less, we can jeopardize our health. We pay so much attention to improving our physical fitness, but it’s time we focus on our overall wellness! Here are a few reasons which prove the above stated.

Sleep well for less stress

You’ve probably been in a situation that you are not willing to do anything, that you’re exhausted and nervous. You want to go to walk or maybe to a gym, but you’re not fully in the mood for it. It’s possible that all this happens because of poor sleeping or general lack of sleep. The response to stress situations varies, based on whether you had a good or bad night, whether you slept well or had a restless sleep. Sleeping can help you in many ways, such as regulating the level of stress or willing moment. When you sleep enough during the night, chances are that you will be much calmer and you will respond much better to stressful situations. When you are able to react calmly and to deal with a stressful situation, you help your heart stay healthy and work properly.

Your blood pressure and cholesterol levels constantly increase in stressful situations, thus endangering your heart and overall health. It’s important that you’re calm and collected even if everything is falling apart, which is difficult if you lack sleep. Your mind and metabolism are tired and your reactions will be much more based on instincts, rather than bringing decision with common sense.

Better sleep, better immune system

In order for your body to fill up and recover from everyday tasks, you must allow it to rest well and you will do it by sleeping enough and soundly. Lack of sleep directly affects the immune system. Sleeping is very important for the body. If you do not sleep enough or you are less or more attached to routines, your body is unable to maintain all your systems to work properly. Therefore, if the immune system is weakened, you may be prone to many different illnesses.

If you get some inflammation or get sick during the season of the flu, it means that your immune system is bad and you need to work on it. It is important to rest and recover the organism in order to make the inflammation disappear and remain healthy. Seven to nine hours of sleep are recommended overnight, with the proper diet consisting of vitamins and nutrients. In this way, the immune system will be strengthened and you will not have any health problems. If you do not give your organism enough time to rest, you will be in big problem. You can expect constant inflammation because the immune system will not be strong enough to defend itself and keep the good healthy condition.

No sleep, no good shape

If you sleep 5-6 hours only at night while trying to lose weight, you will experience serious health problems. In order to perform all your obligations, you strive to eat properly and exercise regularly. However, you will not succeed in your intentions to lose weight, because when you do not sleep enough, every effort you make will give you only the half of the results you expect. For everything you do, whether it is walking, doing day-to-day activities or exercising in the gym, you need a strong and restful body. And this is only possible if you have a good sleep and if you rest your organism. The lack of sleep also has a bad influence on the hormones that affect your metabolism.

Good sleep, good memory

Has it ever happen to you that you were preparing for an exam at the college and you knew more on the exam day than the day you actually studied? It works strange, but sleeping has great benefits for our memory. When you don’t get enough sleep during the night, you will not feel very well and will lack focus. Your skills for dealing with problems will not be at the highest level, and you will need more time to solve problems, even the simplest ones. Sleep influences the brain so it could integrate all the data you collect over the day. While you are asleep, the brain works to sort out the things you learned for the day. In order for the brain to use them for the following period.

As you can conclude, your mind, concentration, and memory are much dependent on sleeping than you actually thought. If you still want to change the day for the night, do not expect that you would perform your daily tasks properly, i.e., the way you would perform them if you had enough rest.

The pace of today’s life should be taken into account, and accordingly, we need as much time as necessary to have rest. Sleeping without interruption is the basis of good health. But these interruptions often spoil the night and make us wake up tired and not ready for daily tasks. Still, we can deal with these problems. Now that we know their causes, we are ready to eliminate them. The answers we seek are not distant and they are sometimes simple. Early sleep and waking up when the sun goes out can be a solution to our health problems. We have offered you some solutions; it is up to you to try them.


Guest blogger, Vanessa Davis, is a 32-year-old fitness enthusiast, mother of two and content writer at She’s originally from Long Island, New York, and when she isn’t cooking up some new health and fitness article, she enjoys doing yoga and figuring out new, delicious organic recipes for herself and her kids.

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