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Importance of Strong Female Relationships | FabFitTravel

Women are f*cking incredible.  When women come together and support each other, they create an unstoppable force.  Strong female relationships become a catalyst for crafting a better version of each other. This ultimately creates a better society for all! Do you remember when a friend held your hair back for you when you were praying to the […]

All right. We admit it. When we first started writing this article for you, it included tips like “wear makeup” and “paint your nails” and “try ditching your pants and wearing a skirt.” You know. Traditional “feminine” stuff…

But when we looked at our final list, we knew it was all wrong.

We were confusing being “girly” with femininity, and that wasn’t right. After all, there are plenty of women who aren’t girly-girls who are still feminine. Just look at Muay Thai fighter Roxy Balboa! She could destroy you in seconds with her kicks, but she’s still as female as it gets.

Yes, you can absolutely go and get a pedicure and walk away feeling more womanly, if that’s your thing. But, if it’s not, that’s okay too. There are still plenty of ways to get in touch with your feminine side. Because being feminine goes far deeper than outward appearance.

True femininity is an energy within you. And it’s something you shouldn’t be afraid to tap into. After all, you’d never hear a man say, “Gee. I should really stop being so masculine!” That’d be pretty silly, right? Men are generally okay with being men.

But, for whatever reason, sometimes we, as women, need to reconnect with that natural energy inside of us. We put aside that feminine energy for work or political agendas, and then find ourselves lacking. We feel out of balance.

Being feminine is about being “okay” with being a woman. Here are three ways you can do that: (more…)

We’ve been blogging here for a while now. You basically “get” who we are at this point.We’re all about fitness, nutrition, having adventures, and making women’s lives the best they can possibly be.

We create amazing destination vacations (that include a fitness slant!) for women of all ages.

But did you know that about 70% of our clientele – and our readers! – is made up of recently divorced women?

It’s true! And there’s a good reason for that (which we’ll get into in a moment). But first, let us just say, that if you’ve recently been through a divorce: you are not alone.

We’ve met hundreds of new divorcees and have helped them ease their transition into the new half of their lives. Some have been excited, some overwhelmed, some aching with sadness… But they’ve all left us feeling happier, healthier, and more confident. Some have even made Fab Fit Travel their yearly “treat” to themselves, to recharge and reenergize. And we love seeing their smiling faces and hearing about all the progress they’ve made. (more…)

health benefits of female friendships

A lot of us here at FabFitTravel started out as “Guys’ Girls.” We preferred male companionship and were wary of having female friendships. Being around women felt akin to being locked in a cage with tigers – they were beautiful but felt potentially dangerous.

Our plight was not uncommon. A lot of women feel distrustful of other women – of how they might judge you or betray you. There are plenty of movies and television shows available that show the worst side of women, that glorify their (ahem) “b-word” aspects.

However, as we grew older, we started bonding with women more and more. To the point that we created an entire business on the value of female companionship – of all the wonderful adventures that could be shared with our fellow women!

The truth is: YOU are one of those beautiful tigers that you’re so afraid of. And it’s time to join your “streak” (that’s what a group of tigers is called – fun fact of the day!). Not only are fellow women nothing to be afraid of, there are a lot of health benefits to nurturing female friendships.

Here are four of our favorite benefits: (more…)