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Experience the best escapade away from the busy urban life in the five-day itinerary at Tulum Yoga Retreat. Give in to the pleasure of connecting with your inner self. Clear your heart and mind from troubles and exhaustion through yoga and nature. Grant yourself the natural remedy to replenish and restore a healthy body, heart, […]

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There’s nothing quite like a little at-home retreat to make you feel like an entirely new woman.  A little love on yourself can go a long way, especially when you take the time to enjoy your own company.  There are a few essential items I recommend to prepare you for the perfect pamper session. One […]

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Running away from your problems doesn’t count as exercise otherwise we would all be as fit as humanly possible. When you’re a busy mom, you’ve got so many responsibilities that you can’t even remember them all in one go. It’s safe to say that fitting working out into your crazy schedule is a challenge. Who […]

What’s Entrepreneurship Really Like? This photo was snapped by a colleague of mine. I think it perfectly represents entrepreneurship and learning to be comfortable in the chaos. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, learn to laugh at your mistakes and enjoy the beautiful journey. For the entirety of my professional career, I’ve […]

9 Super-Easy Ways to Workout At Home in 2017 Today, the life is filled with all kinds of hassles and bustles. This makes it difficult for people who want to workout. You will agree with me that workout is a very important aspect of human life. It helps you keep fit and keep lifestyle diseases […]