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Fact: You can’t truly love another until you learn how to love yourself.

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 26 easy ways to love yourself!

1. Write on your mirror.

Whether you use lipstick or a dry-erase marker, write a positive message to yourself on your mirror. It could be as simple as “I <3 U” or as complex as “You’re a radiant goddess and everything you do is great!” Every time you glance in your mirror, take a look at the message you wrote and remember to love yourself.

2. Get enough sleep.

It’s hard to feel lovable when you’re running ragged. Get your full 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Or, if that’s impossible, take a nap during the afternoon to make up for the lost time.

3. Eat a good meal.

You know who’s hard to love sometimes? Someone who’s cranky because they haven’t eaten! Treat yourself to a good meal – it will give you a more positive outlook of yourself and the world in general.

4. Focus on the positive.

For every bad situation, there’s (at least) one good thing. Even if it’s the classic, “At least it’s not raining.”

Each time you start to feel negative, stop and ask yourself, “What’s the one good thing that’s happened today?” Even if it’s something small – like you drank clean, fresh water! – latch onto it and don’t let go.

The same can be done in regard to loving yourself. Every time you start to think negatively about yourself, switch the script and say something positive about yourself instead! (more…)

We all have bucket lists. Even if we don’t physically write them down, we all have things that we want to do before we die.

However, here at FabFitTravel, we want to remind you that at least some of the items on your list should be about spoiling yourself.

Yep. We want you to add a few “luxury” items to your bucket list – guilt-free!

Things like: (more…)