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Why sleep is more important than exercise or diet It is a common fact that if you lack sleep, you will not be able to perform your tasks at work and at home. This affects your mood and the ability to focus on what awaits you during the day. It’s hard to make life decisions, […]

Hello again! It’s me: Lauren Tharp – the gal who writes for Fab Fit Travel and is actively trying to get healthier! 🙂

Last month, in my first fitness diary, I mentioned how I’d made small changes to my diet in order to drop from 270lbs down to 255lbs. And, the day of my entry, I had just joined a gym the previous day and recounted my experience getting on a treadmill for the first time.

Well, it’s been one month since I last wrote to you. Here’s what’s been going on.

Last month, I weighed 255lbs and my measurements were 49-49.5-53.

And now…?

Drumroll, please!

I now weigh 245lbs and my measurements are 49-46-52!

Yep, I lost a total of 10lbs and 4.5 inches last month!! I’m super psyched about it.

I first noticed that I was making progress when I was able to zip up my favorite jacket. In November, I was too chubby around my belly area to zip it up – but not anymore! That felt like a HUGE victory. (It also felt really good when I went to a Christmas party and many of the guests commented on how much “flatter” I looked than when they’d last seen me).

And, you know what? It was fairly easy!

I spent 30 minutes a day on the treadmill for three days a week. That’s hardly any time at all and I was able to shed 10lbs! If I can do that, then you can too! (more…)

Another year is coming quickly to a close. Whether this past year was good or bad for you, give yourself a pat on the back if you’re reading this: You made it! (Unless you’re a ghost who haunts blogs in the afterlife, we’re going to assume that you’re alive, getting older, and doing relatively well if you’re scrolling through this post!).

However, now that another year has ended, we all have to face something rather scary… Birthdays.

As another year approaches, we all have to face the reality of getting another year older. And that can be a little panic-inducing, especially for women.

We’re constantly warned of the negative aspects of aging. We’re told that our sex appeal is going to go down, that we might get osteoporosis or other health issues, and that everything is going to get a lot harder.

Well, the good news is, 80% of illnesses and injuries that people get when they’re older are preventable. Yes, we have to be a little more careful as we age (don’t forget your sunscreen when heading outdoors!), but that doesn’t mean we have to tape “FRAGILE: Handle with Care!” labels all over our bodies and sit in a corner at home afraid of the world.

In fact, getting older can be pretty great.

As Groucho Marx once said, “Getting older is no problem. You just have to live long enough.” (more…)

So before we launch into why Reiki is great, we figured we’d better explain what Reiki is. Well, according to The International Center for Reiki Training, it’s:

“A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s ‘life force energy’ is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.”

Also known as “palm healing” or “hands-on-body healing,” Reiki basically involves a practitioner placing their hands lightly on or over a patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing.

It’s also important to note that while Reiki is “spiritual” in nature, no religion or dogma is required to practice it or benefit from it.

Reiki has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress and help comfort those in pain – making their healing process easier. In a recent study on cancer patients, 82.6% of the patients who underwent Reiki therapy found it helpful in easing their pains.

Are you still with us? We know this isn’t the usual type of thing we write about here at Fab Fit Travel; however, a few of us have recently benefited from Reiki therapy and we felt compelled to share this wonderful practice with you, our readers. (more…)