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Experience the best escapade away from the busy urban life in the five-day itinerary at Tulum Yoga Retreat. Give in to the pleasure of connecting with your inner self. Clear your heart and mind from troubles and exhaustion through yoga and nature. Grant yourself the natural remedy to replenish and restore a healthy body, heart, […]

Why Sleep is Even More Important Than You Think | FabFitTravel

Why sleep is more important than exercise or diet It is a common fact that if you lack sleep, you will not be able to perform your tasks at work and at home. This affects your mood and the ability to focus on what awaits you during the day. It’s hard to make life decisions, […]

Busy Moms Guide | FabFitTravel

Running away from your problems doesn’t count as exercise otherwise we would all be as fit as humanly possible. When you’re a busy mom, you’ve got so many responsibilities that you can’t even remember them all in one go. It’s safe to say that fitting working out into your crazy schedule is a challenge. Who […]

Mothers Day | Mom Daughter | FabFitTravel

I Get It From My Mama When it comes to the “mom lottery,” my sister and I totally hit jackpot.  There’s no telling where we’d be without our moms.  Moms have cleaned our scraped knees, shuttled us around town to after-school events, mended our broken hearts, and always had a warm supper made by dinner […]

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way Mondays are the yellow starbursts of the week; It doesn’t typically rank high on people’s ‘Favorites List’.  Somehow, it always sneaks up on us and we find ourselves dreading Mondays, but why?.  If we were more prepared, and we set ourselves up for success, would we still dread […]