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Core workout for the beginners, a mini guide! Exercise is essential for everyone. It keeps you physically fit and mentally active. Along with that, physical activities help you in maintaining your stamina because of which you can do many difficult tasks easily. Workout at the beginning seems to be difficult, but with the passage of […]

Hello again! It’s me: Lauren Tharp – the gal who writes for Fab Fit Travel and is actively trying to get healthier! 🙂

Last month, in my first fitness diary, I mentioned how I’d made small changes to my diet in order to drop from 270lbs down to 255lbs. And, the day of my entry, I had just joined a gym the previous day and recounted my experience getting on a treadmill for the first time.

Well, it’s been one month since I last wrote to you. Here’s what’s been going on.

Last month, I weighed 255lbs and my measurements were 49-49.5-53.

And now…?

Drumroll, please!

I now weigh 245lbs and my measurements are 49-46-52!

Yep, I lost a total of 10lbs and 4.5 inches last month!! I’m super psyched about it.

I first noticed that I was making progress when I was able to zip up my favorite jacket. In November, I was too chubby around my belly area to zip it up – but not anymore! That felt like a HUGE victory. (It also felt really good when I went to a Christmas party and many of the guests commented on how much “flatter” I looked than when they’d last seen me).

And, you know what? It was fairly easy!

I spent 30 minutes a day on the treadmill for three days a week. That’s hardly any time at all and I was able to shed 10lbs! If I can do that, then you can too! (more…)

Hey there!

I feel a little weird introducing myself because, in a way, you already know me. I’m the gal who writes the blog posts here at Fab Fit Travel.

My name is Lauren Tharp. I’m a freelance writer, I live with two cats, and I collect tarot cards and Monster High dolls. And, for the first time in my life: I’m fat.

My mom likes to say I’m “curvy,” but I think you have to have curves in order to earn that distinction. When your belly goes out past your boobs, you no longer get to say you’re curvaceous. You’re officially overweight. And that’s a weird – sorta sad – revelation to have about yourself. But, if you’re like I am, then it’s a revelation that spurs you into action.

Here’s what I looked like a few years ago: (more…)

You’ve written out your workout itinerary, you’ve created your ultimate workout playlist, but you haven’t got a thing to wear!

We’ve been there. Finding women’s workout clothes can be a real pain sometimes, especially when you don’t know where to start looking.

Here are ten of our favorite places to buy workout clothes, in no particular order: (more…)

Last week, we turned to our subscribers for help. We wanted to know your favorite songs for working out!

Women, ages 30-65, wrote back in response to our call, and the results are fantastic. From your picks, we’ve put together the “ultimate” playlist for cardio, weightlifting, and yoga. There are golden oldies, some newer songs, and even some obscurities.

Feel free to use our list “as is” or just pick out the ones you like and add them to your own playlist!


Whether you’re running, spinning, dancing, or kicking butt – these songs should get you going!

“Work” by Rhianna. 

Don’t groan. We know you secretly love this song. It was by far the most recommended song by FabFitTravel ladies. But we think our founder said it best: “I know it’s kind of played out right now, but I can’t STOP when this is going! No matter how tired I am, if this song comes on…I GO!” (more…)