10 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

October 10th, 2016 by admin

Choosing a travel destination can be difficult! The world is a vast place filled with exciting new adventures waiting to be had!

To help you make a decision, we’ve compiled a list of ten things we always consider before choosing where we want to go next.

1. Safety First

Safety is always our number one concern. Not only are there safety considerations to think about before you go anywhere (are your vaccinations up to date?), it’s important to consider the safety of the place you plan to go to. Check the locale’s “climate” before you book your trip – you don’t want to end up in a war zone by mistake!

Safety is an especially important consideration if you’re a female traveling alone. Certain places just aren’t as safe for women as others. Should you choose to go there anyway, you’ll need to take into account safety precautions before you land – like the type of clothes you intend to pack. Certain countries will require more modest clothing choices if you wish to remain safe. Think ahead!

2. Old VS. New

Will you be visiting somewhere you’ve been before or someplace entirely new? Choices choices! Most of us here prefer to try somewhere new each time we travel; however, one of our FabFitTravel girls loves to go to her “home away from home” each time she vacations. She claims that the familiarity of going to somewhere she’s been to before automatically makes her more at ease – and the fact that she’s not home still gives her that “I’ve traveled!” feeling.

Going somewhere new is always exciting. You’ll be able to take in entirely fresh sights, foods, and experiences. But going somewhere you’ve already been to has its benefits too: you may already have a friend there that you can join up with, or you might get to revisit one of your favorite hot spots that you longed for while living at home. Choose wisely!

3. Cost

Ah, your budget. This is usually the deal breaker for most travelers. There’s sometimes a big chasm between where you’d like to go and where you can afford to go.

Fortunately, the cost can also help you make your ultimate decision a little easier when it comes to choosing a travel destination. Make a list of all the places you’d like to visit, and then look up how much each of the costs to travel there. Then compare those costs to what you’ve got in your bank account (or how much you know you can reasonably save up for before you plan to take off!). This should narrow down your choices considerably.

4. Language

Unless you plan to learn a new language, or are up for a really big challenge, it’s generally best to visit somewhere that has residents who speak the same language you do. This is especially true if you’re traveling alone. There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a foreign country and not being able to ask anyone for directions back to your hotel!

5. Holidays and Special Events

Keep the calendar in mind when you travel. Are there any holidays or special events going on in the place you plan to go to? Do you want there to be?

Visiting other countries during special events can be a total blast! One of our girls is going to Mexico next month for their Day of the Dead celebrations, for example.

Or, it can work in reverse. Another one of our girls likes to visit Asian countries during the Christmas holidays because it gives her a chance to “escape” traditional Christmas celebrations (they make her sad because she lost her mom during the holidays).

Whether you’re trying to embrace holidays, escape them, or experience entirely new ones you don’t have back home – check the calendar before you go anywhere!

6. Weather

One of our FabFitTravel ladies has an uncle who insists on always being in 70F degree heat year round. He plans his vacations based on the weather and is constantly on the move from one place to the next who has the temperature he prefers – not really caring where he ends up, so long as the weather’s right.

Although that’s a bit eccentric, the weather is an important consideration to take in when you plan your next vacation destination. There’s nothing quite like booking a trip to a ski resort when it’s not snowing. Or going to a beach in monsoon season. Make sure the weather is something you’re going to be comfortable with before you book your trip!

7. Length of Time

How long will you be on vacation? If it’s only a few days to a week, you’re going to have to be more strict about your schedule than if you’re planning to be gone for a few weeks to a month.

If your vacation is going to be on the short side, we suggest going somewhere a bit “smaller” than if you had time to spare. You’ll want to be able to take everything in within the length of time you’ve allotted yourself.

8. Working Vacation

Are you planning on taking a “working vacation?” If so, you’ll have a few more things to consider. For instance, you’ll likely want to go somewhere that has good Wi-Fi, to start. But you may also want to make your destination somewhere where you can meet remote colleagues or potential clients.

9. Visas

Sometimes visas are given along with your passport stamp, other times, you’ll need to apply for a travel visa well in advance. Check the visa requirements for the place you plan to visit if you’re interested in foreign travel.

10. Your Interests

Why visit a ski lodge if you have no interest in skiing or snowboarding? Or why go to the beach if you absolutely hate water activities?

Your interests should have a big part in dictating where you want to go.

This can be interests you already have (if you love to hike, you may want to head to the mountains, for example) or things you’ve always been interested in trying for the first time.

Whether or not you want to indulge in an old favorite or test the waters with something new, make sure that you’re going to have fun wherever you go!

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