Tulum Yoga Retreat

January 16th, 2018 by admin

Experience the best escapade away from the busy urban life in the five-day itinerary at Tulum Yoga Retreat. Give in to the pleasure of connecting with your inner self. Clear your heart and mind from troubles and exhaustion through yoga and nature. Grant yourself the natural remedy to replenish and restore a healthy body, heart, and soul in the appealing town of Tulum, Mexico.


Let go of your stress

Free your mind and release your stress through a series of fun cooking classes and daily meditations. Most of all, enjoy snorkeling, relaxing spa packages, and acro yoga practices with your family and friends.


Find your inner peace

Enjoy the picturesque view of the swirling leaves, the lush trees,  and the soft grasses. Raining from above are the golden rays of the sun illuminating the greens into a beautiful scene. In the distance below a rocky cliff came the twisting patterns of the seaside waves laid by the turquoise sea. The calming notes of the birds’ songs from every direction welcoming the upcoming season. A perfect relief for anyone who seeks to breathe in the cool, cleansing, fresh air.


Deepen the connection with yourself and others

Instructors Tatiana Romero and Nancy Nelson are there to help you develop sisterhood with other women.  You will be spending the five-day yoga retreat together dining, unwinding, and overall just ‘being there’ as you recollect the sense of community away from the hectic noise of the busy metropolitan streets.


Are you a long-time yogi wanting to continually boost your strength and inner peace? Or new to yoga searching for a definite solution to escape your stressful days? Tulum Yoga Retreat is here to help you. Break free of your routine, increase your flexibility and balance, and learn to be free. 


Invest in yourself and enjoy the exclusive offers and packages. Don’t miss the fun. Book your reservation now.


Have you been considering the upcoming June retreat to beautiful Tulum, Mexico?! Well – here’s your chance to ask questions and hear all about the trip! Join us for a short meet-and-greet with Amanda Loyd of Fab Fit Travel, enjoy some snacks and get yourself all signed up for the retreat! 

RSVP to the class with one of the retreat instructors, the one and only Tatiana Romero following the Q&A – Saturday, February 17 at 9 AM – 10:30 PM CST   https://goo.gl/58YPQm

RSVP to the class before the Q&A with one of the retreat instructors, the one, and only Nancy Nelson & enjoy a warm, sunny, beachy playlist -Saturday, February 24 at 10:45 AM – 11:15 AM CST https://goo.gl/z4nSpc

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